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Arcade Competition

Mr. Drinkwater, proprietor of the Castleton Arcade, announces the first annual arcade game competition to be held Saturday, January 27! To be included in the event, inquire at the arcade at 750 Iron Bridge Street. Entry fee is 25 clams for individuals, 45 clams for teams of two.

Spring Concert To Be Held February 1

The Castleton Fugues, our resident orchestra, will be presenting their annual Spring Concert on February 1. This year's event is led by the infamous Sir Halingsly, who has conducted such celebrated groups as The Paisley Quartet and All Hallowed Brass.

Several works featured in this year's concert are composed by our local songster, Adam Burr, who is also the proprietor of Castleton Piano. Castleton Piano has been a staple of this fair city for many years and is offering a 15% discount on the sheet music to Mr. Burr's original works leading up to the performance of the concert.

Tickets for the Spring Concert can be secured at the Castleton Concert Hall.

Town Hall Meeting to be Held January 20

The January town hall meeting will be held on January 20 at 8pm. Please contact Mr. Pendragon, City Council President, before January 18 to add new agenda items for discussion.

-- Wanted --

WANTED: Cash paid for fresh kelp. Inquire at 450 Canton Avenue, next to Canton Park.

WANTED: Coconut shells, smaller than 2" in diameter. The hairier the better. Please send offers to 224 Morrisey Avenue.

-- For Sale --

FOR SALE: - NEW WIDGETS - Mostly larger widgets, originally purchased for the making of furniture. Inquire at 300 Widget Street.

-- Missing --

MISSING: Blue EdScooter, practically new. Offering 100 clams for information leading to its safe retrieval.

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