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Castleton Talent Show

The talent show at the Castleton Concert Hall will be held on Sunday, April 29 at 7pm. Come and support your townsfolk with this first time event!

Dinosaur Facts!

The largest T-rex skulls ever to be found are 1.5m across, and some of the T-rex teeth were up to 30cm long.

Dinosaur Skull

Dinosaur Facts!

Some dinosaurs, such as the Apatosaurus, may have been able to break the sound barrier with their tails, creating a sonic boom.

Dinosaur Tail

The time period from 250 million years ago until around 65 million years ago is known as the Mesozoic Era. It is often referred to as the Age of the Dinosaurs because most dinosaurs developed and became extinct during this time.

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8 League Adventures: Pirates!

8 League Adventures: Pirates!

Now the adventure can be yours!

In celebration of the 8 League Adventure team's episode with their pirate friends, we offer a special printed edition of the story!